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Picture Book Fiction (Children 5+)

Bowles, David and illustrated by Erika Meza. My Two Border Towns, 2021. (BR24388, DB106598, English; BR24381, DB108100, Spanish)

Contreras, Kathleen and illustrated by Gary Undercuffler. Harvesting Friends / Cosechando amigos, 2018. Bilingual. (DB111949 in process)

Harrison, Hannah E. Friends Stick Together, 2018. (DBC16432)

Ho, Joanna and Dung Ho. Eyes that Kiss in the Corner, 2021. (BR23755, DB112504 in process)

Holliday, Jena. A Spoonful of Faith, 2022. (DB112506 in process)

Medina, Meg and illustrated by Sonia Sanchez. Evelyn Del Rey Is Moving Away, 2020. (DB101476, English; DB105080 Spanish)

Rogers, Fred and illustrated by Luke Flowers. Mister Rogers Poetry Books series, 2019–20. (DB96626)

Sigwarth, Lydia M. Dear Librarian, 2021. (DB104332)

Sotomayor, Sonya and illustrated by Angela Dominguez. Just Help! How to Build a Better World, 2022. (DB106845)

Woodgate, Harry. Grandad’s Camper, 2021. (BR24394)

Woodson, Jacqueline and illustrated by Rafael López. The Year We Learned to Fly, 2022. (DB111924 in process)

Yang, Kalia Kao and illustrated by Khoa Le. The Most Beautiful Thing, 2020. (DB112444)

Picture Book Nonfiction (Children 5+)

McGinty, Alice B. and illustrated by Shonto Begay. The Water Lady: How Darlene Arviso Helps a Thirsty Navajo Nation, 2021. (BR23757)

Steptoe, Javanka. Radiant Child: The Story of Young Artist Jean-Michel Basquiat, 2016. (BR22012, DB86753)

Early Reader Fiction

Faruqi, Saadia and illustrated by Hatem Aly. Yasmin la chef / Yasmin the Chef, 2020. (DB102351, English only)

Faruqi, Saadia and illustrated by Hatem Aly. Yasmin the Gardener, 2021. (DB102351)

Kirk, Daniel. Newton and Curie: The Science Squirrels, 2020. (BR23895)

Pilkey, Dav. Dragón y sus labors / Dragon Gets By (Dragon #3), 2019. (DB 112092, Spanish)

Quigley, Dawn and Tara Audibert. Jo Jo Makoons, 2021. (BR23977, DB105559)

Yang, Kao Kalia and illustrated by Seo Kim. A Map into the World, 2019. (DB112288, English; DB109708 Spanish)

Middle Grade Fiction

Alston, B.B. Amari and the Night Brothers, 2021. (BR23699, DB102312)

Applegate, Katherine and illustrated by Patricia Castelao. The One and Only Bob, 2020. (BR23218, DB99881)

Bauer, Joan. Raising Lumie, 2020. (DB99479)

Behar, Ruth. Cartas de Cuba / Letters from Cuba, 2021. (DB100506, English; DB108076, Spanish)

Bourne, Shakirah. Josephine against the Sea. 2021. (DB104714)

Bruchac, Joseph. Rez Dogs, 2021. (DB103860)

Cartaya, Pablo. El épico fracaso de Arturo Zamora / The Epic Fail of Arturo Zamora, 2020. (DB88056, English; DB 111746, Spanish)

Cervantes, Angela. Lety alza su voz / Lety Out Loud, 2019. (DB98288, English)

Cisneros, Ernestro. Falling Short, 2022. (DB107932)

Córdova, Zoraida. Valentina Salazar Is Not a Monster Hunter, 2022. (DB109506)

Day, Christine. The Sea in Winter, 2021. (DB103049)

Delaney, Rachelle. Alice Fleck’s Recipe for Disaster, 2021. (DB 111283)

Faruqi, Saadia. Yusuf Azeem Is Not a Hero, 2021 (DB 112712 in process)

Entrada Kelly, Erin and illustrated by Isabel Roxas. Hello, Universe, 2020. (BR22214, DB88222)

Fipps, Lisa. Starfish, 2021. (BR24096, DB102975)

Harrell, Rob. Guiño / Wink, 2021. (DB106476, English)

Higuera, Donna Barba. Lupe Wong no baila / Lupe Wong Won’t Dance, 2021. (DB101300, English; DB 111753, Spanish)

Higuera, Donna Barba. The Last Cuentista, 2021. (BR23967, DB105729)

Holm, Jennifer L. El pez número catorce / The Fourteenth Goldfish, 2018. (DB79655, English)

Hunt, Lynda Mullaly. Shouting at the Rain / Gritar a la lluvia, 2020. (DB957370, English; DB105715, Spanish)

Janowitz, Jessie. The Doughnut Fix, 2018. (DB91012)

Janowitz, Jessie. The Doughnut King, 2019. (DB112505 in process)

Kassner, Heather and Iz Pitca. The Forest of Stars, 2021. (DB112116)

Keller, Tae. When You Trap a Tiger, 2020. (BR23610, DB99005)

Klune, T.J. The House in the Cerulean Sea, 2020. (BR23320, DB98951)

Kuzki, Shaw. Soul Lanterns, 2021. (BR24125, DB107621)

Lai, Remy. Pie in the Sky, 2019. (DB111427)

LaRocca, Rajani. Midsummer’s Mayhem, 2019. (DB112586)

Lloyd, Megan Wagner. Allergic, 2021. (DB104348)

Lucido, Aimee. Recipe for Disaster, 2021. (DB112061)

Lukoff, Kyle. Too Bright to See, 2021. (BR24101, DB105462)

MacLachlan, Patricia. My Father’s Words, 2018. (DB93323)

Marks, Janae. From the Desk of Zoe Washington, 2020. (BR 23873, DB 98670)

Marsh, Katherine. Nowhere Boy, 2018. (DB93122)

McDunn, Gillian. Caterpillar Summer, 2018. (DB95679)

Nannestad, Katrina. We Are Wolves, 2022. (DB111338 in process)

Negron, Chris. The Last Super Chef, 2021. (DB112407)

Nielsen, Susin. No Fixed Address, 2018. (DB95198)

Ormsbee, Kathryn. Candidly Cline, 2021. (DB112286)

Otheguy, Emma. Silver Meadows Summer, 2020. (DB104638)

Palacio, R.J. White Bird / Pájaro blanco, 2019. Graphic novel. (DB102135, English)

Pla, Sally J. and illustrated by Julie McLaughlin. The Someday Birds, 2018. (DB87383)

Rhodes, Jewell Parker. Ghost Boys, 2019. (BR22276, DB90875)

Rowling, J.K. Harry Potter series, 1997–2007. (BRs and DBs, in English and Spanish)

Royce, Eden. Root Magic, 2021. (DB106014)

Sarno, Melissa. Just Under the Clouds, 2018. (DB91331)

Siddiqui, Maleeha. Barakah Beats, 2021. (DB 111619)

Summer, Jamie. Roll with It, 2019. (DB97973)

Svetcov, Danielle. Parked, 2020. (DB111827 in process)

Tamaki, Mariko and illustrated by Brooklyn Allen. La luna está arriba / The Moon Is Up, 2019. (DB93448, English)

Trebincevic, Kenan and Susan Shapiro. World in Between, 2021. (DB 112285)

Venkatraman, Padma. The Bridge Home, 2019. (DB94432)

Walke, Angharad. The Ash House, 2021. (DB102742)

Wang, Andrea. The Many Meanings of Meilan, 2021. (DB105089)

Warga, Jasmine. Other Words for Home, 2021. (DB96396)

Watson, Renée and illustrated by Nina Mata. Ways to Make Sunshine, 2020. (DB100041)

Watson, Renée. Ways to Grow Love (Ryan Hart #2), 2021. (DB104005)

Middle Grade Nonfiction

America’s Test Kitchen. The Complete Cookbook for Young Chefs, 2018. (DB94197)

American’s Test Kitchen. The Complete Baking Book for Young Chefs, 2019. (DB98266)

America’s Test Kitchen. The Complete Cookbook for Young Scientists, 2021. (BR23975, DB105358)

Arce, Julissa. Someone Like Me: How One Undocumented Girl Fought for Her American Dream, 2018. (DB 111515 in process)

Bridges, Ruby. This Is Your Time, 2021. (DB101455)

Burnell, Cerrie and Lauren Mark Baldo. I Am Not a Label, 2020. (BR23493, DB101823)

Chopra, Mallika and illustrated by Brenna Vaughan. Just Be You, 2021. (DB 111618)

Cook, Deanna. Cooking Class Global Feast: 44 Recipes That Celebrate the Worlds Cultures, 2019. (DB108163)

Gómez-Colón, Salvador. Hurricane: My Story of Resilience, 2021. (DB 112711 in process)

Hood, Susan and illustrated by Sally Wern Comport. Ada’s Violin: The Story of the Orchestra of Paraguay, 2016. (DB85304)

Johnson, Katherine. Reaching for the Moon, 2020. (DB95871)

Kirkwood, Kathlyn J. and illustrated by Steffi Walthall. Ain’t Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me ‘Round, 2022. (DB112500 in process)

Menéndez, Juliet. Latinitas: Una celebración de 40 soñadoras audaces / Latinitas: Celebrating 40 Big Dreamers, 2021. (DB 111953 in process, English, DB 111918, Spanish)

Morland, Charlie and illustrated by David Humphries. Music and How It Works: The Complete Guide for Kids, 2020. (DB103770)

Newman, Magdalena and Nathaniel Newman. Normal: One Kid’s Extraordinary Journey, 2021. (BR23313, DB100281)

Pimentel, Annette and illustrated by Madison Safer. Before Music: Where Instruments Come From, 2022. (BR in process, DB 111976)

Saltz, Joanna. The Delish Kids (Super Awesome, Crazy-fun, Best-ever) Cookbook, 2021. (BR24013, DB105973)

Sheinkin, Steve. Undefeated: Jim Thorpe and the Carlisle Indian School Football Team, 2017. (DB87425)

Snowden, Edward. Permanent Record (Young Reader’s Edition), 2021. (DB 111514 in process)

Woollard, Rebecca. The No-Cook Cookbook, 2021. (BR23720, DB103148)