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Roosevelt and His Era

Charles D. Sigsbee Papers

Closeup of a variety of handwritten papers in the collectionCharles D. Sigsbee, son of Nicholas and Agnes Sigsbee, born in Albany, N.Y., was in command of the battleship Maine when she was blown up and destroyed in Havana harbor, February 15, 1898. During the Spanish-American War he was advanced three numbers in rank and cited for "extraordinary heroism". The Charles D. Sigsbee Papers include letters between him and his wife, engagement books and diaries, as well as materials related to the investigation of the explosion.

Shown here are reports of the crew after the explosion.

For information on other materials in this collection, see the finding aid for the Charles D. Sigsbee Papers (SC16148).

United Spanish War Veterans of New York State Records

Veteran membership cards fanned out on a tableThe United Spanish War Veterans was founded in 1904. All military personnel who were enlisted during the Spanish-American War and had been honorably discharged or continued to serve were eligible for membership. The collection consists of organizational material, meeting minutes, financial records and a membership card file. The cards contain standard directory information as well as information about an individual's military service.

For information on other materials in this collection, see the Finding Aid for: United Spanish War Veterans of New York State

Records, ca. 1904-ca. 1975

Pan American Exposition Souvenirs and Letters

The Pan American Exposition, the 1901 exhibition at which President William McKinley was shot, is represented in the State Library's Manuscripts and Special Collections Unit by souvenirs from the exposition (Pan American Exposition ephemera (QC16514).

illustrations and booklets of Pan American scenery and buildings


Related collections also include Postcards (QC16510) and Pan American Exposition ephemera (QC16514), as well as the collections of individuals' papers such as the Dorr Viele letters.

Scenes of Pan America on postcards


The Dorr Viele letters (21574), consists of letters written by a family living in Buffalo at the time of the exposition to their son and brother, who was attending college at Yale.

Closeup of letters including photo vignettes and stamps