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Van Rensselaer Manor Papers

A Map of the Manor Renselaerwick

During the period of English rule, the manor would continue to prosper and add territory to the extant that comprised much of present-day Albany and Rensselaer counties.  This map, prepared under the direction of his father, Stephen Van Rensselaer II, shows the location of the 276 families living on the 24 x 48 mile manor in 1767.  By 1800 the manor had about 3,000 tenants occupying more than 430,000 acres of land.


Map of surveyed land with settlements listed in bottom legend

"A Map of the Manor Renselaerwick" Made by surveyor J.R. Bleeker in 1767, copied from the original by D. Vaughn and engraved and printed by J.E. Gavit

For higher detail, see the high resolution Map of the Manor Renselearwyck.