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Digital Equity in New York State

This guide provides an overview of digital equity initiatives at the state level, as well as resources and materials to support digital equity practitioners across New York.

Webinar: Gearing Up for the Digital Equity Act with Libraries

Slides and recording available here. 


  • Amanda Bergson-Shilcock, National Skills Coalition
  • Caroline Treschitta, National Skills Coalition
  • Larra Clark, American Library Association-Public Library Association
  • Lauren Moore, NY State Librarian
  • Scott Rasmussen, Director of the NY ConnectAll Office
  • Becky Raymond, Chicago Citywide Literacy Coalition/scaleLIT
  • Gwenn Weaver, Independent Consultant and Chair, American Library Association Committee on Literacy


Digital Equity Act Fact Sheet

The National Skills Coalition's Digital Equity Act fact sheet is a guide for states and local skills advocates on implementing the Digital Equity Act.