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New York During the American Revolution

Sullivan-Clinton Campaign

During the summer of 1779, there was a commission led by the Continental Congress to destroy Indigenous villages in Western New York State and Pennsylvania.  Diaries of soldiers below describe in words and pictures the attacks and elimination of Indigenous Peoples of New York State.  The Governors Public Papers of George Clinton also describe the Sullivan-Clinton Campaign with detailed correspondence on battles during the campaign.

James Fairlie was a lieutenant in the second New York militia.  Fairlie kept a diary describing the Sullivan Campaign from August 26 to September 6, 1779.  It chronicles the Battle of Newtown and the march along Seneca Lake to Canandaigua.  The annihilation of Indigenous villages and peoples is recorded. 

The narrative of the life of Mrs. Mary Jemison shares her story and what it was like for the Indigenous Peoples during the Sullivan Campaign.  Mary Jemison describes the destruction of Indigenous villages and crops.  The more important factor relayed was the feelings of the Indigenous Peoples for the take over and the displacement to move to other areas because of the Campaign.