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New York During the American Revolution

Schuylerville, New York and its Historical Significance

Schuylerville, New York is the location of the Battle of Saratoga.  Schuylerville was originally named Saratoga.  The name changed when General Philip Schuyler established a settlement there. 

In 1912, the State of New York and the community of Schuylerville honored the commemoration of the Battle of Saratoga.  Through the primary source documents:  Historic and progressive Schuylerville game and the Historical Village souvenir booklet, the items demonstrate the purpose of history within the community and what it holds dear to its country’s establishment. 

The game matches the souvenir booklet.  The booklet includes maps of the area and historic buildings located in Schuylerville, New York.  The game includes historical figures during the Battle of Saratoga and vicinities.  The interesting thing about the game is that the instructions are not included.