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New York During the American Revolution

Deborah Sampson Gannett

Deborah Sampson Gannet hid her identity to fight during the American Revolution. She fought with the Light Infantryman from a Massachusetts regiment at West Point and Tarrytown. Her life is chronicled in the Sampson Family Genealogical Memoirs. She received a pension for her service.

Author, Herman Mann recorded Sampson Gannet’s history in “Female Review. Life of Deborah Sampson, the female solider in the war of the revolution.” In 1802, Deborah Sampson Gannet lectured in parts of the Northeast for her book tour based upon Deborah’s memoir written by Herman Mann.

Deborah Sampson Gannett exemplified courage and bravery during the Revolution.  She fought under the alias Robert Shurtliff.  Primary source documents from the National Archives share how she became ill during the war and her sex revealed by a physician to General Paterson. She was discharged honorably at West Point, & ultimately the Deborah Sampson Act was enacted in 2019 for veteran women’s health.